Welcome to Revitalize Wellness Studio, a place where one can go that encompasses many methods of healing, rejuvenating modalities, and healthy lifestyle options. Our goal for you is to achieve optimal health through nutrition, exercise, and massage. By following this protocol, you can live your best life, free from pain and restriction. Besides feeling good, you will add years to your life. It is Isaac Newton that first said, “ A body in motion, stays in motion”.

Your mind at ease, your body at rest

Whether you are here to relax, restore, rejuvenate, or recover, we have just the modality for you. We are here to meet you where you are and help you to progress through your wellness journey. 


This is my goal for my patients, to first decrease their pain levels and next to keep them active in their lives while maintaining wellness.

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deep tissue

prenatal care

bamboo massage

cupping therapy

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Keiser University Graduate in Massage Therapy and Associate Degree in Science, with 1000 hours in massage. My passion is helping people improve their health through holistic healing methods. I love to learn and use different modalities to help each and every patient I come in contact with to help improve their health and daily activities of living. 


A body in motion stays in motion

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Meet the owner

By far the best massage I’ve ever had my entire life!!! Laura is very knowledgeable when you tell her what is hurting or sore and she knows exactly how to help. Her experience with cupping or bamboo or many other methods is amazing. She is definitely the best massage therapist in town!!!! Go see Laura and the only regret you’ll have is why you didn’t go sooner.
- Taylor B.

Book your appointment while she has openings! Best massage I have ever had. So many services to offer between cupping, deep tissue, and bamboo! Highly recommend Laura, you will not regret it!
- Kasey D. 

Laura is such a great therapist. So much care taken to ensure your treatment targets all the areas of concern. Book your appointment with her now!
- Linda R.

If you are looking for a good quality massage, Laura is the one! I have come in feeling so out of whack in every sense! By time I was leaving I was so relaxed and relieved, I could conquer the world again. She is amazing. Her knowledge about the body and her communication really make you feel comfortable. I’m so grateful to have found her!
- Kealian S.

It is estimated that stress causes 90 percent of illness and disease. When you are stressed, your physical health suffers. At our studio, we take a holistic and whole-body approach to reducing stress and offer useful tips to help you relax and restore your body. We believe that the recipe to optimal health includes a balanced lifestyle of consistent massage, exercise, stretching and fueling your body with healthy foods. We want to invite you to come in and experience a relaxed and refreshed version of you!